Please don't go


You lay your warming arms around me,
spread my face with kisses so gently,
released me from winter's rigour
with the lovely sound of your guitar.

You were not telling me lies;
bedded on a sea of blossom,
underneath a roof of blossom,
no more sleepless nights.

Never would I leave you behind,
but with the hot southern wind
your older brother came back,
brought me smelling lilac.

All women he ensnared,
they waited for him longingly,
his temper is so fervently,
some of them may get sered.

You thought I fell in love with him,
now the petals are sadly falling,
you packed your things away,
for your brother making way.

Why, oh why did you go?
Well and truly I loved you.
Next year I will wait for you,
to free my heart from sorrow.

© Michelle Klemm

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