"To describe a person, to capture a character with words, is not an easy task. There are no words for so many things - you have to know a person! But there are typical attributes, which might help me to describe my desk mate and friend. Michelle is an adorable, helpful personality, who knows quite exactly, what she wants, what is important for her or not. She has the ability to listen carefully and feel with others. Michelle writes poetry and true letters - I think, it's her way to express and assimilate problems and emotions. She does not avoid work - quite the contrary - she often takes care of things by choice, e. g. with lectures: lots and lots of material - but sometimes she lacks in persuasive power. (Let's say, she is not always able to get her interest and knowledge across in a persuasive way.) Furthermore she is hair-trigger, then one receives stroppy answers or comments. In such situations you have just to hold back and think more about what you say. So you may get on with her. You can work together with Michelle very well, because she is reliable and has many skills. To summarize it: Michelle is one of that kind, with whom you can live, chat, discuss, laugh and cry, work and relax, enjoy and dream. Someone to love!"
by Anne C.

"Michi is a nice being,
she likes reading, especially Tolkien.
Her Muffins does everybody love,
they just can't get enough.
With her you may talk about many things,
she likes joking and laughing."
by Anja M.


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