Game of luck

Friday evening,
your pockets are
and you feel:
today you will
get lucky!
You enter the casino.
It starts good,
you win
the first game,
also the next one
and then another.
Yes today is
your lucky day!
You won an
acceptable sum,
you could stop now,
but it goes so well
that you continue.
You put your luck
to the test.
But luck
abandons you
and you loose
turn after turn.
But you don't stop,
you want to you
only once more.
And really things
look up again.
You wind your chance,
before you finally
break in.
In the end
hopelessly lost!
Your pockets are
empty now.
Late at night
you come home,
drunk, tiered,
You are look forward
to your warm bed,
your wife's arms,
who has forgiven you
so often.
Why not also
this time?
You startle,
your bed is cold and empty
like your pockets.
She is gone
and you realise,
you gambled your luck

© Michelle Klemm

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