Early hour


Floating on the water
steady and calm;
hearing no noise,
seeing no otter;
the forest asleep,
dark before dawn.

Golden rises the sun
from the grey haze;
with her warming rays
day has begun
on river, in trees;
by Lord's grace.

Birds taking the sky
to great the new day;
we hear them sing,
watch them fly,
just drifting,
enjoying may.

Flying into the blue -
beautiful it must be;
escaping the mist
the river leads through,
towards the sun,
up there we're free.

© Michelle Klemm

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Kommentar von William from Melbourne( melbournedesignssgmail.com ), 07.05.2020 um 18:37 (UTC):
this beautiful piece of poem touches my heart and you also describe with wonderful vocabulary related to design.

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