We just were flying so high
Now time has stopped going by
Wish I could turn it back
Give me a chance, memory is far
All is fading
I move on but don't know where
And no one's helping out there
Think I've lost my track
People wear black all around me
They don't listen what I say
No more blue skies, no butterflies
Distrust and lies behind blue eyes
Caught in the darkness

Dark clouds and falling rain
Thunder and storm
Cold is the wind
Wonder if I will see the sun again
Red rose in burning flames
Who'll dry her tears
Who'll hear her cry
My life is no more the same
This is the world without you

Where are those days we were young
Have all our songs yet been sung
Tell me where did you go
I feel your fear, reach out for you
But ain't able to get through
They say soul-mates never die
Here in the shades I see they lie
Caught in this darkness


Still in my heart (4x)

© Michelle Klemm

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