What does aljona-poems mean?
Often poeple ask me: „I know what poems means. But why Aljona?“ I will gladly give you the answer, what it's all about.

For all who's English is not so well:
Poems is the translation of „Gedichte“. Surely I could have taken the German word, but I love the English language so much and even write English peotry. I think it sounds much better – so poetical (note: it's a wordplay for the Germans).

Where does the Aljona come from?
Aljona is a Russian name (Aljonuschka). When you are surching in the world wide web, you will get to know the meaning „the beautiful“ or „the shining“. But that's not the reason, why I chose this name. When I was a child, I was fond of the fairytail „The scarlet flower“ and so became fond of this name, too.

Aljona was my first username on
. In the past years I have added many poems there, which still can be found, but you have to be registered. I've also posted in the poetry forum under this name as well as on www.voicesnet.com. So it's kind of a non-official pen name.

I guess most of you know, that meanwhile Aljona got her own story, which I am translating currently. In Germany I already published it as paperback and ebook.

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