Looking back on 2013

The year 2012 is history and now it is time to look back, on what I created respectively achieved or not, but also to look forward.

Last year I wrote 53 poems, among this 5 English ones. Very inspiring was the holiday on Tenerife in February and the weekend in Amsterdam in September. In December we dealt with Limericks at our creativity meeting; I am confident, that I will write some more in the future.

Besides I translated 34 poems into English. Also in respect of prose there I made a step forward, my collection grew about 7 stories, of which I even translated some. The translation of the stories “Philip” and “Through fire and blood” took very much time. Both stories together form the love-story “Aljona”, that will be published as an ebook at the beginning of this year – it won't take long.

Furthermore I worked a lot on the story, that shall become my first novel. 50 standard pages are filled. I do not reckon with a release in 2013. At first I have to finish writing, what will take some time, and afterwards very much fine-tuning will be necessary.

In March I published the German poetry and short-story book “Light and Shadow”. I hope, I will be able to keep the book on the market with ISBN for at least two more year. Regretfully I have to inform you, that I will not renew the ISBN for “Through the year”. But I am planning to publish a 2. adapted edition on epubli. For a start the release of Aljona in German and English has priority.

For I wanted concentrate more on writing in 2012, I did not publish in as many anthologies an in 2011. One poem has been printed in the Spring-, Summer- as well as the Winter-anthology of the Elbverlag, unfortunately not in the Autumn-anthology. After a long time of waiting finally the book “It must be love” (in Germany “Das muss Liebe sein”) was published by Aurora Buchverlag, which contains one of my stories. As in the two previous years a poem was entered in the Frankfurter Bibliothek. Soon the new anthology of Literaturpodium from the poetry contest 2012 will be released, that also contains some poems. Incidentally I am still waiting for the publication of the next book about travelling and landscapes, in which poetry as well as two or three short-stories of mine will be printed.
So this was 2012 and I am looking forward on what 2013 will bring. I hope, you are as much excited as I am. Please feel always free to give me your feedback.
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