El Teide
El Teide


In the morning thick clouds hang above Puerto de la Cruz. As soon as we got our hire car, we want to hit the road for our first day trip. At the reception desk they told us, today was a good day to visit Teide national park. Said – done! Unfortunately later the weather emerged not to be ideal; but I want to start at the beginning:


For it is our third holiday on Tenerife we do not need a map, to find our way to the Teide as it is also good marked. My parents on the back-seat enjoy the magnificent panorama, this beautiful view over Puerto de la Cruz while the winding road climbs the hill steadily. Steady is also the temperature, the higher we drive the lower it gets. When we make our first stop at a viewpoint the thermometer shows just 6 °C, because of the wind it feels even cooler and it starts to rain. So we jump back into the car and drive on to get above the clouds as soon as we can.

Unfortunately the clouds hang very high today. At the parking area of “Minos de San Jose” (2300 m) we make our next stop. But instead of admiring and wandering through the bizarre lunar landscape in the sunshine, thick wafts of mist, temperatures around 0 °C and frosty winds soon cause us to hurry back to the car. Bit by bit the sun finds its way. As we reach the cable car the sun shines from a deep blue sky. But the peak of El Teide can not be seen. Petulantly it draw a curtain of clouds around itself, in which the gondola of the cable car disappears.

Meanwhile I wear two pairs of socks and my winter shoes as well as a polo-neck cardigan and a jacket over my T-Shirt and a scarf – so it is bearable. Nonetheless we decide that it is no use going on top of El Teide today and spending 25 € apiece for the cable car. Furthermore I feel not dressed warm enough considering -6 °C on 3555 m, even though there is no snow on the top this winter. Anyway I would not make my husband getting on the gondola, he goes on strike. All my efforts to persuade, captivate and convince him are of no avail, e. g. the sentence from the leaflet “A modern and save cable car takes you up to 200 m nether the top.” Hence this point on our to-do-list remains unsettled.

We drive on to the Roques de Garcia. As we have already noticed the air being rare, we slow down to not becoming puffed. The sun shines, we climb small crags, take photos – everything is fine; only El Teide can still not be seen. We are on our way to the Los Gigantes, when El Teide finally unveils for a short moment and allows us to take a view.

Later we get indemnified by the most wonderful views over La Gomera we have ever had, blooming almond trees, a deep blue ocean as far as the eye can reach, cliffs without annoying cranes in the motif and enjoyable 20 °C.
February 2012

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Kommentar von Doug Wisler( ), 06.04.2012 um 02:58 (UTC):
Hello, Michelle,
I just found your poem with my music -for the first time. I think it is very beautiful the way you combined all the elements.

Thank you for putting me on you tube.

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