Looking back on 2011
2011 – Looking Back ...

… in words

In March I released my first poetry book. Afterwards everything developed very fast: creating a homepage and the Facebook-page. I got to know many nice people/authors. But except the fact, that I spend much more time in front of the computer (updating, posting, chatting, advertising, etc.), nothing changed.
In summer I became a member of AG Wort e. V. Freiberg. The intercommunication with the authors there makes me look more critical on my own works, writing is more and more hard work. Furthermore I got the chance, to take part in readings, whereby I get to know many people and make new experiences, what is a great enrichment. Nevertheless it's a hobby in first instance.
Privately the year was full of ups and downs. Many of my poems are a reflection of that. I guess there will never be a completely quite and smooth year. So there will always be something to write about. Movies, songs and walks in the forest are inspiring me, too. For the first time I had the task to write a text for two certain paintings and I managed it quite well; at least one of the poems has been chosen by the jury and will be published in the beginning of 2012.

Kunstscheune Böttger, Röthenbach

… some numbers

2011 was an exciting year. 45 new poems, 24 translations and 9 short-stories. 13 releases of poems in 7 anthologies, additionally 3 pages of short poetry published in “It's sweet with Sunday” and 2 short-stories in “Journey into another life”. Last but not least my own poetry book “Through the year” with its 64 pages and my Christmas book “Yet sleeping 24 times”, which was sold 15 times during 2 months.

anthologies and my own poetry books 2011

… and looking forward

After the many publications in 2011 I decided to take it easy in 2012.
I want to thank everyone, who took part in the enquiry on my German homepage. Just one more number: With an impressive majority of 66,67 % of the votes cast, “Licht und Schatten” (Shadow and light) won the contest. So this will be my next book, which will be released in the first half-year 2012. It is still some fine tuning necessary, e. g. the final version of the book cover. Therefore I am not able to announce a concrete date of publication at present.
I will publish in some anthologies for sure, but not as much as in the past year. Despite the staggering numbers of poems written in 2011, I have to confess, that especially at the end of the year I have created almost nothing. So I want to concentrate a bit more on the essential, writing, and work on the two books “About love” and “Words in the mirror”; I want to take a lot of photos, get new inspiration during long walks.

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