Thinking about November

Again it is the 1st November. This month is always a bit depressing in my mind. Though it is not the typical November weather today with mist, drizzling rain and north wind, but you can feel a conspicuous change. Suddenly the paths are covered with autumn foliage, over and over. It is like all trees have dropped all their leaves over night. Just as if nature wanted to say: That's it, the golden October is past.
This month also makes me very thoughtful. Maybe it is because the year is slowly dying. The transitoriness of being ubiquitous at this season. Comparing humans and the seasons is always juicy and very apposite. Lets look at our family: Our lovely nieces and nephews do not only have a long spring, but their whole lives before them. While our siblings and we are already in summer. Or not yet? When does our summer begin, when we have children, too? Or has it already begun on the day of our wedding? How to define this moment? Our parents are in autumn, the kids left the house and started their own families. Maybe for some people this period is like a second spring. But I suppose it lasts just until reality, becoming older catches up.

Recently I visited your grandma. She likes me being with her and she likes talking to me, just because I am listening. She has been very thoughtful that day. She wondered, when her granddaughter, your sister, will get married. She said, it is time to bring everything into the right order. What should become, if anything happened to them? Nowadays so many things can happen so fast, just think of the traffic. We did it right, she said, because we married first. And then she wondered, whether she will live to see us getting children.
I know she does not mean it bad, just because we took our time, although she observed, that in former times people got children much earlier than today. I guess she rather asked herself, how much time is left for her... (I wonder, if she thought of her husband, who died year ago – surely she did.)

It is a phenomenon, that time seems to go buy faster year by year. Unbelievable I sensed six weeks summer vacation as an eternity sometimes. Theses days it is more like: What are six weeks? How will it be, when we are 80 (it is even difficult to imagine ever being so old)? Would one year only be like the blink of an eye?
Nevertheless or maybe for this reason I have the feeling, that I never realised the seasons as aware and intensive as in the past year.

© Michelle Klemm

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